DPR LIVE – Know Me (ft. DEAN)


KKB Live

A very well recorded KKB set. Kind of a chill performance.

Also, Halcali, which is major influence on Kero Kero Bonito and carries a similar appeal, has all their music online on their Youtube page.

So upbeat, I highly recommend it as work music and general perseverance through life. Here you go: Halcali Albums Online



Fashion Show Music / Gucci + Vuitton

Alessandro Michele being mesmerizing. His work at Gucci gets pinned with this maximalist tag by many commentators, which I’m not entirely convinced is as useful as they imagine as it implies some lack of control.

Still, it’s remarkable how such a diverse collection never feels like its becoming  discombobulated.

I also appreciate the use of powerful, atmospheric music rather than tracks with lyrics. I’ve come across many instances where the music distracts from the fashion, sends a conflicting message, or is being asked to do too much work in hopes of making an impression on the audience.

I loved this Louis Vuitton fashion show below, but I think it illustrates my point regarding music selection. It starts off really well with a track from the original 1995 Ghost in the Shell Sountrack Kenji Kawai. It’s big, sweet, shimmering, spiritual, ominous . It fills the air of the enormous Louvre courtyard. The vocals are in Japanese, and sung in a choir fashion, and the models are simultaneously walking a circuit on the runway.

It all sort of fits.

At 3:00 minutes in it switches to Cleopatra by Frank Ocean. Suddenly now there is one voice speaking over much less acoustically resonant music, and supposedly now all of the women circulating are the “Cleopatra” the song speaks of. I find it noticeably more difficult to take in the outfits while this song is playing. A good, charismatic song, but one which inevitably draws attention to the iconic voice and lyrics of Frank Ocean, leaving not enough space for the outfits.

It’s also just a major rupture from what the otherworldly Ghost in the Shell track was establishing. The tracks don’t share a common thread.

Well, anyway, I loved the Vuitton show too, although the Gucci one will be more memorable to me fashion wise.


I Look up to Tomb Raider

The original ad for StellaSport, the Adidas x Stella McCartney collaboration, made a a huge impact on me.

The video ties together brilliantly with featured track “Sick Beat” by Kero Kero Bonito, hitting on how the brand is drawing from Asian pop culture influences and youthful, uncompromising female attitude.

All the newer animated StellaSport videos seem to be lower production derivatives of this one, which Adidas has unlisted from their YouTube channel at the moment. It makes me wonder if there’s been a falling out somewhere.

The video was created by London based motion and design studio More and More ltd.

Below I’ve included exclusively the Japanese portion of the lyrics (with minor exceptions) via the Genius page translated by this user. Now that I understand these parts, the song’s message feels even stronger. The translation seems pretty accurate when I compared it to the Google Translate. That thing is getting better every day.

Sick Beat by Kero Kero Bonito (Japanese Portions)

It’s KKB! Let’s go!

Running, climbing, shooting, jumping
I wanna be Tomb Raider
She’s awesome and strong
I look up to Tomb Raider

Windows 98, remember those days?
Head stuck in the clouds, played every day
I promised I’d never lose and never give up
That promise I made to myself never fades

Time warp! I’m 22 years old
Change over into the adult world
People cheating and lying for money

Hard to keep up always stopping me but

I won’t forget, I won’t run away, never ever
The kid in me keeps pushing on through
Their fire, their heart
advancing on to the next level

I won’t be like everyone else
I’ll walk my own path
It’ll be lonely, and it’ll be hard
Everyone’ll make fun of me
The nail that sticks out gets hammered down
You hear that one a lot, don’t you?
Then let ‘em hammer all they want
I did it my way, this is my life


Alexander Wang Playlist

It’s well known Alexander Wang’s fashion is heavily influenced by music artists. A Spotify user named Tyler Stroh has courageously compiled a 4 hour track listing of songs used in Wang’s fashion shows called “Goin’ Alexander Wang.” I haven’t vetted it’s accuracy, but it seems legit as can be.

It’s great work music, and wonderfully self-consistent.