Planning Fashion Portfolio

Time to set a goal. I figure I can make a fashion portfolio and land an internship some day hopefully not too far. I have a number of projects running loose that I think will be more directed when devised in the context of a portfolio. At the moment these are all just random names, but tie into concepts in my sketchbook, that I’ll post now and again as they develop. It was kind of liberating to write them down, some validation that they’re beginning to exist I guess.

I’m thinking 10 items is enough, leaving room for some fat if it wants it.

  1. Stripe Beach
  2. Crustacean Love
  3. Parka
  4. ******** bag bag
  5. BPWHY (Beautiful people…)
  6. Cane & Abel
  7. Military
  8. Football
  9. Ceremonial
  10. Sandpear



Parka Sketch

Had a bit of an epiphany recently that I’ve been way too harsh on myself and others, and not going out for walks enough. My sketchbook is crawling right now, so I’ll be posting more sketches soon.

Some finished work on the way too, but, of course, life has a way of slowing these down. What’s worked best is allowing finished compositions to snowball, and just really commit to working on them but in a dispersed way. The energy that would be pouring into an array of diverse sketches is instead funneled into one project.

The work accrues and gains polish, like a pearl in the mouth of a clam. Ugh, thank you.

2017-04-21 Parka


Beautiful People

I have an idea for some images that leave me with a strong feeling. I think sometimes that I’m running away from this feeling. Maybe following through with the concept will help me get over something that still bothers me.

Here’s a sketch.



Sewing Machine

First time using my sewing machine today, and it was easy. Cute machine.

Below is my first run, testing types of stitches and varying widths.

I’d begun learning patternmaking and draping, but was feeling insecure from my complete lack of experience with a sewing machine.

Well, now I know: Not complicated. Really fast.

First Stitches.png

Above: First run, testing types of stitches and varying widths.

Fun fact: In 1790, the English inventor Thomas Saint invented the first sewing machine design.



Going through a block right now with illustration and design. I’ve realized that the mediums I’m using don’t take all that well to writing.

It’s 2007 again, and I am starting a blog.