Planning Fashion Portfolio

Time to set a goal. I figure I can make a fashion portfolio and land an internship some day hopefully not too far. I have a number of projects running loose that I think will be more directed when devised in the context of a portfolio. At the moment these are all just random names, but tie into concepts in my sketchbook, that I’ll post now and again as they develop. It was kind of liberating to write them down, some validation that they’re beginning to exist I guess.

I’m thinking 10 items is enough, leaving room for some fat if it wants it.

  1. Stripe Beach
  2. Crustacean Love
  3. Parka
  4. ******** bag bag
  5. BPWHY (Beautiful people…)
  6. Cane & Abel
  7. Military
  8. Football
  9. Ceremonial
  10. Sandpear



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