How the Fuck Am I Going to Do This?

I want to get involved in the fashion industry, I have four years studying architecture and interning in various firms. It’s a valuable background, but fashion also has its own foundations.

I think people are able to move between these disciplines not because they are uncannily similar, but because people who take on each of these are generally clever. I’m still reflecting on what the intersection really is. I’m open to adjusting my position.

The fashion collages I make are fun, but on their own, they are dying. They are fashion illustration, which is only a piece of the puzzle I want to assemble. It is also a bit discouraging as photography seems to be king. It’s just too efficient, and there are so many beautiful people and designs, and every angle to capture them from. The world does some of the heavy lifting for you, not that I believe good photography is easy. Descriptive photography may be.

Tom Ford began with a background in architecture at Parsons in New York, and in his last year there took courses in fashion. He assembled a fashion portfolio, and landed himself an internship with Cathy Hardwick in NYC, hiding that his Parsons degree was not in fashion. Tom Ford I am not. This is also a grossly dumbed down story offered in all of his interviews, that belies how driven and suitable he was for fashion. I also wonder how changes in the fashion industry today would affect things now.

I think this move is not so far-fetched nonetheless. I’ll post some of the designers, or articles I’ve found about people with backgrounds in architecture pursuing projects or careers in fashion. It’s also important to question the boxes these professions are in right now, and how they might look 5 or 10 years into the future. Digital fabrication will inevitably take over a large portion of both fields.

I have a lot to say on this part, and will also be researching how dfab has already taken over.

Well, regardless, I’ll have to start planning and building a portfolio. It looks like most schools ask for a 10 piece portfolio, which is also a respectable number for job applications. I’m at zero. It’s a start.

I have all the tools but can’t yet sew. Time to get a bit humble and put the hours in. Otherwise this is all a joke.



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